Full Color Business Cards

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JAKE Construction Business Card

This is a dark business card design that is printed for JAKE Construction. This letterpress is printed on dark green stock. Orange sticker on the card is catching the client’s attention. It is greatly designed by Rayn Ullery and this

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AnnaMaria Belak Business Card

It is another lovely black color business card design which was printed for photographer AnnaMaria Belak. Pink lines are embossed on the upper and lower side of the card and white letters are etched on the black stock. This outstanding

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The Dance Academy of Bartlett Business Card

This beautiful green business card was designed to promote the “The Dance Academy of Bartlett” business. Dark green and white letters are amazingly engraved on green paper. A dancing girl logo is embossed on the front side of the card.

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Helena Magnusson Minimalistic Business Card

This is a creative and minimalistic business card design that is printed for Helena Magnusson. This card is printed on 600gsm white paper. Black letters are creatively engraved on white stock. It is wonderfully designed by Kim Carlos Rehn and

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Shiny SA Business Card

This is an inspirational and unique business card design which is illustrated by Sam Arnold for his self business promotion. He is a senior graphic designer from the UK. The back side of the card has its logo with a

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Clinifar Business Card – Blue Business Card

Awesome Clinifar business card design is very attractive and eye catching. The front card side is fully blue and the back side is blue and white. These blue business cards are really amazing and beautiful. It is designed by VoidGFX,

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Fuse Business Card

This is a full color business card that has foiled the background with only black color. It is designed by Fuse Design for self promotion.

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